2018 Audi A4 and S4 First Look at the Interior, Exterior and Under the Hood

In the automobile industry, there are some car models that have stubbornly remained unbeatable: in other words, they keep dominating the industry because they are all time models. The Audi A4 and S4 are very immaculate models that people have fallen in love with and they have been glued to them for a very long time.

The manufacturers have decided to make things even more amazing by redesigning the current models to be super classic. When the new look of the 2018 Audi A4 and S4 is finalized and these two models released to the market, I bet that there will be no others that will be there to be equal to their splendor.


2018 Audi A4 and S4 Interior

There are some astounding looks and features that you will spot in the interior of 2018 Audi A4 and S4 and you will definitely feel attracted. The seats are made of leather in a peculiar design that you cannot see in any other vehicle which are durable hence they remain beautiful. This time you will enjoy having a car that has a bigger trunk and more spacious in the space where you put your legs.

With comfortable seats, you also need to have your safety guaranteed. Airbags have also been installed to ensure that your chances of getting hurt in an accident are minimal. To step up your comfort, these two models have a music system and they also have Bluetooth so that you can listen to your chosen music. Their steering wheels will be enhanced to make sure that you will use less energy because they are highly sensitive and likewise responsive.

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2018 Audi A4 and S4 Exterior

Audi A4 and S4 have been highly designed to make them outstanding and flashy. The craftsmanship that has been applied to making them is very high. There are no other models that will be fair enough to be parallel with these two immediately when they will be released to the global automobile market.

Their front will be slim and sleek and a similar upgrading touch will be done to the headlights and grilles. Their appearances will be very cute and you won’t help to admire them.

2018 Audi A4 and S4 Under the Hood

For the power that will propel a car and to enhance its performance, it must have a powerhouse of an engine so that it can function properly, increase speed and avoid getting stuck on the wet ground. Audi A4 and S4 have engines that qualify in all the aspects that I have outlined above.

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For instance, the engine of the 2018 Audi A4 has 2.0 liters’ capacity and 220 horsepower. Its counterpart 2018 Audi S4 engine will have a capacity of 3.0 liters of fuel and 335 horsepower. It is being anticipated that both engines will have an 8 speed automatic as well as auto-manual transmissions.

With such high power engines, you are guaranteed to move at the speed limit of your choice. If you are driving on the highway where there is no much traffic, these engines will give you an easy time to move at the terrific speed of your choice.

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