2018 BMW 1 Series-Future Plans Detailed

If you think that you have seen beautiful and outstanding cars that are full of pomp, then I bet that you will be amazed by the yet to be released 2018 BMW I Series. This is vehicle will be one of a kind and it will be indisputably an iconic one that will make every mouth to go wow!

It will be of the aristocratic class that all eyes keep on looking at wherever they go. It is designed to fit your desires because it has a sporty look and it is of a spectacular design. Mostly it looks as if it was designed for celebrities and other prominent people who are highly adored because it is an exemplary model. Its peculiar design is so different from all the common cars are usually found on the road.

The BMW I Series incorporates two models i3 and i8 that will hit the market with a humongous blow because everyone will start looking for money to secure one for themselves. BMW will also enjoy their lucrative business out of the lump some profits that they will make.

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2018 BMW I Series Interior

The most unique thing about this series is that it will have electric cars in sharp contrast to what we have usually had in our trivial automobile models. Now that these will be very special kinds of cars on the market, we are expecting that they will bear so much difference even in structure and beauty. Some of the features will on the entertainment side of the car which is a backup camera, GPS navigation, institute dash display and premium leather among others.

Furthermore, your personal safety is the rudimentary thing that the manufacturer will prioritize before anything else. The designer will install lane changer, crash avoidance sensor and parking assistance to avoid causing an accident and damaging the cute body of the car.

2018 BMW I Series Performance

Contrary to the common vehicles on the roads, the engine of this vehicle will be run by an electric engine that has a long battery life that is enough to take you for 150 miles. It will yield the power of up to 160 hp.

The 2018 BMY i8 model will be for the aristocratic people who live high-end lives and therefore its high specifications will also be reflected in the price. It will have a sporty look and it will be powered by dual turbo engine that will have a capacity to take you up to 300 miles.

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2018 BMW I Series Release Date and Price

These two models will be very classic and they are being longed for by tycoons who have a passion for cars. They will be really spectacular models to go for because they will create a name for you because of their elegance, luxury, and status.

Both 2018 BMW I Series models expected to be released in late 2017 and they will be available in surplus in the market in early 2018. i3 will be affordable and it will be selling at a cost of $43,200 the common buyers will be able to buy them but i8 will be for tycoons. It will be selling at a whopping $142,000.

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