2018 BMW 2 Series is Refined, Classy, Looks Great and Handles Much Better

There are models that will never fade away in the automobile industry because the test of time has proved their immortality. BMWs have dominated the industry for many years and it seems that they don’t have many competitors to maneuver them.

So that they can continue propelling this culture of dominance that has entrenched in them, the designers have decided to redesign another brand new model, the 2018 BMW 2-Series. This will be a machine that will make a very big difference both to the company and in the market because other brands will be shaken by its arrival in the market. This killer model is anticipated to also stand the test of time and the test of competition with other models from other companies.

2018 BMW 2-Series Interior

Dynamism is sweeping across the automobile industry as a result of innovation. In respect to that, there is a lot that will be featured in the 2018 BMW 2-Series that is not found in its predecessors. There are many things that have been added to the oncoming model to make it better and more enjoyable for you. For instance, the leg room in the new model will be a bit larger for the rear passengers and it will also have a high-end technology package.

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The lighting will also be of a new kind which is LED, electronic start and stop technology, Anti-theft alarm system, chrome accents, voice commands, automatic climate control, Bluetooth, keyless entry and hands-free calling. These are overwhelmingly spectacular features that everybody was least expecting to find in this model. The seats, dashboard and even the interior sides of the doors are covered with leather and that makes this model look like a high profile executive office.

2018 BMW 2-Series Exterior

The wheels of this model are not the common ones that we are used to because they have been made of an alloy that make them look magnificent and very shiny. Rumors have it that the new models will be available in two kinds: convertible and non-convertible.

This model is available in three colors namely blue, red and white and they are really cute. Moreover, they are glittering and hence very admirable. The finishing of the body has been done in a classic way to make it very outstanding and will make enthusiasts to take photos besides this car.

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2018 BMW 2-Series Engine

Most of the information that is being spread about this new amazing model is unsubstantiated. Speculations have it that the 2018 BMW 2 Series engine will have a 2.0-liter capacity and 240 hp, 228i, and 235i as the most powerful one. Others have different specifications like 3.0 liter and 325hp.

The two engines will have an 8-speed sport-tuned transmission that provides a terrific performance. With such a powerful engine, you can be least doubtful of any frequent hiccups when you are driving. The quality of this engine will be reflected in the speed and performance of this model.

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