2018 BMW 7 Series Review – Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

The new BMW 7 Series has been announced and it will be a significant part of the BMW family. When luxury and comfort is what the audience want BMW is always a step ahead than its competitors. The new 2018 BMW 7 Series is expected to be bigger than the old models and of course too much different too. Because of this distinct design, it will add too much aggressive and bold look.

The main target of the audience of BMW 7 series is U.S. customers because the U.S. customers show too much demand than anyone else. When you are looking for quality, performance, luxury and comfort in one vehicle, then BMW 7 series will be a best option. And U.S. customers want nothing except all these things.

The following 2018 BMW 7 Series review is the top look at the interior, exterior, engine, release date, and price.

2018 BMW 7 Series Interior and Exterior

Although luxury and dimension of 7 series will be too much different than other BMW models, it is also a point to be noted that the new model will be based on the established models of BMW available in the market. There will be too many similarities with the X5 but there will be too many upgrades in interior and exterior as well.

Although the platform of this 7 series is same as of old models of the BMW it will be much lighter than other models because of aluminum alloy wheels. The wheelbase of the new 2018 BMW 7 series is longer than expected because of this platform and I think this will more than enough about the quality and luxury that the same platform will be there in the upcoming Rolls Royce SUV.

For the safety of the rider, safety measurements will be taken as crash avoidance sensors, lane changer assistance, parking assistance, automatic tire pressure detector and much more will be there in the new 7 series of BMW. The interior will also be updated. Some key features of the interior include Bluetooth, wireless internet, automatic climate tester, HD color screen with touch screen and much more.

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2018 BMW 7 Series Engine Specs and Performance

It is not confirmed yet the engine specs of BMW 7 series. The rumors regarding the engine are that it will power by a 3.0-liter inline-six and an optional V8 in the U.S. still the hopes of inline-six and plugin hybrid is still alive as there is no official said regarding the specs yet. It is also expected that the engine specs will be different for different markets. Every option is connected to the automatic gearbox that will generate and transmit power to all four wheels which are a very key thing for driving purpose.

2018 BMW 7 Series Release Date

The launching date is not yet announced, but it is expected that it will launch in the 3rd quarter of 2017 and will be available in the market before 2018. It will available in the U.S. market for sale than another market in the world.

2018 BMW 7 Series Price

The news regarding the price is that it is expected that the price of this will be around about $60,000. There is also a possibility of slight change.

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