2018 BMW X Series Gets a Redesign with New Features and Specs

BMW is one of the automobile industries that people have confidence in and they cannot mind driving any BMW model. Most significantly, this company never goes unnoticed because it keeps on refreshing its name and face by constantly releasing stunning and outstanding car models in the market.

Currently, BMW is in the process of designing and modeling 2018 BMW X series that is set to be released in the very near future. It will have a lot of spectacular features and specifications that you will fall in love with at first sight.

2018 BMW X Series Interior

It is anticipated by fans of BMW that X series will be really peculiar because of the innovation that has been blended with fine craft in designing these models. They will be more spacious than their predecessors and they will also have a galore of other astounding features inside. Some of the amazing features will include an infotainment system that will comprise a High Definition screen display that will be the center of entertainment.

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Others include a hands-free calling system, LED lighting USB ports and Bluetooth for connectivity. With this connectivity, it will be easy for you to send and receive files with other devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops that are Bluetooth enabled. The models will also have massage seat belts, Wi-Fi, Satellite radio, heated seats and advanced headlights among many others. Moreover, this series will also have maximum security as well as a safety because it will have several sensors that will help you.

They include crash avoidance sensor, automatic tire pressure monitoring, lane changer and parking assistance among others.  With these sensors and other assistance features, you will be guaranteed that all will be well and safe for you.

2018 BMW X Series Exterior

2018 BMW X Series will feature models X3, X5 and X7 and they will appear in white, grey and silver colors. They will also have streamlined bodies and they will have some touches that will add glamour to their looks.

2018 BMW X Series Engine

Any car that has an immaculate performance must have a powerful engine. Every part in a car relies on the engine because it is the source of power. Speculations have it that X5 will have a 2.0-liter diesel xDrive20d that has the capacity to yield between 135 to 1401 KW of power. X3 turbocharged engine will be:

  • xDrive28i 0 liter with a capacity to produce 240-hp.
  • xDrive28d 0 liter with a capacity to yield 180-hp.
  • xDrive35i 0 liter that will yield 300-hp.

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  • xDrive28i will have a mileage of 21MPG in city and 28MPG on the highway.
  • xDrive28d will have a mileage of 27MPG in city and 34MPG on the highway.
  • xDrive35i will have a mileage of 19MPG in city and 27MPG on the highway.

These engine specifications are so impressive to motor car enthusiasts and they will guarantee them a terrific ride on the highway and even on other roads.

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