2018 BMW Z4 to Be Sportier and Loaded with Hi-Tech Features

For youngsters and those who love speed and luxury, they always like going for car models that can make them traverse from one state to another within hours. When they go to motor car dealers, they buy cars putting speed ahead of every other quality. When you want to buy a car that has an excellent speed limit, comfy and stylish, 2018 BMW Z4 is the ideal model to go for.

It is quintessentially fit for a wide range of purposes that you would want to use it in predominantly the purposes that require speed. It could be motor car racing or just going for your normal businesses in style.

This model will be available in three designs 28i, 35is and 35i which will all be very stunning. They will be sporty because they have an excellent speed and their bodies are also streamlined for them to be able to move at high speed.

2018 BMW Z4 Interior

This model will be an upgrading of the already exemplary BMW Roadster that is performing very well and it looks captivating. The seats will be covered with white leather that is easy to clean and it looks very neat. On the dashboard, it will have a little touch of a yellowish leather strip among other colors.

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2018 BMW Z4 Exterior

There is a lot of modification that will give this model a greater performance as well as a facelift so that it can suffice the desires, tastes, and preferences of the buyers. It will be more luxurious and its handling and acceleration will be different from the penultimate models.

The finer models will be Z4s and Drive 35i because these two have faces that are sportier than the rest and their features qualify them for that. For instance, their wheels will be V stock alloy, they will also have paddle shifters, keyless entry, and high rated suspension.

2018 BMW Z4 Engine

The three designs will have powerful engines that have high capacities to run these models in a terrific way because they will all be turbocharged. BMW 28i will have a 2.0 liter that has 4 cylinders and will produce up to 24 hp. BMW 35i’s engine will be a 3.0 liter V6 that will produce 335 hp. BMW 35i and 35is will have a 7-speed double clutch transmission while BMW 38i will have a 6-speed manual transmission.

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2018 BMW Z4 Release Date and Price

BMW has not yet given the exact date of the release of these immaculate models but there are rumors that they could be released in late 2017. The models will sell at different prices depending on the features that they have. BMW Z4 28i will be the cheapest and it will sell at $50,300; BMW Z4 35i will sell at $57,900 and finally, there will be the ideal master model BMW Z4 35is and it will sell at $66,800. These will be really amazing cars that will create a name for every buyer.

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