2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Features, Specs, Design and Price

“Vrooom” yes that’s the most obvious sound “associated” with the powerful and hottest car namely “Dodge demon”, thanks to its 808 horsepower

The “zooming” sound can simply flatter anybody with additionally having the sophisticated look terming it to be the most coveted car. The real strength of the craze could be well seen through the launch with its glitter and the associated talks, discussions with journalists covering the event and ending speculations about “what”, “how, “when” etc queries associated with the same too.

A muscle car not to miss

If you are eyeing towards a demon which has power, style, looks and most importantly, “charisma” to feel energetic, then wait till this fall, as the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon beast is going to turn the heads rolling.

High-performance driving

Doesn’t it create a reflection of its “power”? Yes, especially in today’s era with automobile industry going all out towards generating “high-speed cars” where generating top and “pleasantly shocking” speeds may just be the reality. But, the “power” of this prized car is going to simply take the level of competition way ahead and will equally post a big challenge for competitors who are eyeing towards excelling this car.

Powerful Demon

  • It is the highest performing car especially when it comes to speed with having more than 800 horsepower which has ever been included in the muscle car. Yes, that seems to simply wither the competition.
  • Here, you can clearly get to know its mammoth pickup, thanks to turning to 60 mph in just 2.3 seconds. If you thought it to be “too enticing”, here is another one of the features, denoting the extent of speed, it can probably generate. Yes, I am talking about how in a mere 5.1 seconds, you can expect the car to be sailing with the wind at 100 mph right from “zero”.

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Awesome Power on its wheels

Talking about “power” further, you can get a sneak peak of the monster with its rear wheels generating 8-speed automatic transmission that is designed to effectively handle the torque. Yes, the engineering speaks of itself as it consists of a powerful drive shaft, rear axle and having comparably larger half shafts than Hellcat’s

The “normal” car with the “beast” features is for you who love to drive day-in and day-out.

Yes, that’s the reality with its V8 producing 840 HP and 770-pound-feet of torque. That’s enough towards creating a niche for itself, as someone which races with the wind.

“Smart” car maker Dodge, with its “smarter” approach

Yes, there has been a proper research done towards coming up with a car which will potentially dwarf other car makers or make them look pale. The name of Dodge demon can easily be termed as the world’s speediest car with its hot looks and features to die for. The overall mechanism for the company Dodge to earn the reputation hasn’t been difficult (so to speak) and the current trend and associated craze is set to create even greater charisma for sure this fall.

It isn’t just these features which are going to make it dearer for car enthusiasts, its limited edition which is numbered only 3000 in the United States is another of the reasons which have already raised the expectations of car lovers who literally don’t want to lose the opportunity of owning this “electrifying car”

How easy is it to become ahead of the rest and rule your desired industry?

The modus operandi of the manufacturer especially in producing limited numbers, may well just be catching on to the curiosity level of car lovers into deriving them towards other cars of the same manufacturer. Yes, that’s the perfect marketing strategy which can simply work towards their favor into boosting sales overall.

I know most of you may just be too desperate to know the price, so we as well. But, it seems that you have to wait for at least a month. However, a renowned name of the automobile industry associated with Fiat namely Tim Kuniskis is optimistic of the fact, that it is going to be well under $100,000.

Final thoughts

Finally, this is a car which can easily be termed in line with an American lifestyle especially those with a passion of highly developed beasts, to say the least. So what you have been quite habitual of racing with your “perfect” car(s) until now, but you know what? It takes a little more of your expectations to “pet” this one, considering the aforesaid features which have already made it way more priceless. On top of that, its limited strength is going to play its part in selling them like hot cakes and likewise, you may well have to pull up your socks for owning the beast as well.

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