2018 Dodge Challenger – A true Redefinition of the Motor World

It is nowadays not so easy to come across a company offering a muscle car as one of its models. It is for this reason that the Mustang and the Camaro may remain life rivals. The Fiat Chrysler Corporation has tried their level best not to be left behind. They have done some pretty good work on the Dodge brand.

The brand comes in two very fast models; the 4-door charger and the 2-door challenger. It is expected that the latest model will have to undergo several changes. Rumors have it that the 2018 Dodge Challenger will be launched on a new platform and the looks will have to undergo a lot of refinements which is what consumers have been waiting to see.

Given the stiff competition by the rivals, the engineers will have to find a way of making the car lighter yet more powerful.

2018 Dodge Challenger

2018 Dodge Challenger

2018 Dodge Challenger Exterior Design

On the outside, the appearance of the vehicle will change to a very substantial extent. However, the concept of the coke-bottle styling profile will have to be preserved, since this is what makes this car stand out. The point here is that its looks will have to boost so as to match those of the charger. The headlights will be made larger just like a Sedan, with halo ring LED DRLs.

As for the head light patterns, nothing will change. We will still have four head lights at the front and a long strip of light in the rear. The rear lights will be having LED filling as well. In short, it will be nothing short of a classic Challenger.

All in all, the 2018 Dodge Challenger will have the same appearance to its predecessor. The only difference here is that it will look more muscular but lighter.

2018 Dodge Challenger Interior

Not so much can be said about the interior as per now. All we can agree on is that the present challenger has earned itself the reputation of a comfortable and ergonomic interior.

The glaring possibility is that the 2018 version will witness some minor improvements- a new steering wheel, revised center-tunnel having a having a fresh gear lever and seats. We hope to get more information as and at when the first test vehicles land on the roads. It will come with a perfect handling, just like the present Camaro.

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Engine Specifications

Nothing so far has been gathered concerning the engine range. However, there are high chances that the entry-level engine will be changed from the Pent star V6 to the more naturally aspirated v6 or turbocharged 14 engine.

With the Alfa Romeo platform, we may just end up with Alfa turbocharged v6 engine of 2.9 liters.

The only problem is that this trend may impact negatively on the sales. The Challenger has always been liked because of its high power v8 engine. The 2018 Challenger has been equipped with a new 8-speed transmission.


Price and Release Date

The cost of the vehicle will increase to a great extent, given the new platform and powertrain.  It is, however, possible to have a cheaper version. The price will start from $ 35,000 with a date of release most likely late 2017.

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