2018 Dodge Journey First Look – Engine, Interior, Exterior, and Price

The main aim of some vehicles is mainly to move people from one point to the other, and the Dodge Journey has done this in effortless fashion. Their tasks are normally performed, but in most cases lack personality.  On the other side, some vehicles have the capacity of carrying seven people while it still offers a few extras that make the trip from the different points more enjoyable. The 2018 Dodge Journey is one of the cars that belong to the second category.

The 2018 Journey crossover has personality and full of good ideas.  Since it was launched back in 2008, it has managed to receive rave reviews and many awards. The car has an attractive price given its specifications.  It is essential to note that the Journey is not a minivan. The journey was measured as a very excellent vehicle despite Fiat buying a share of Chrysler. However, the dodge has undergone redesigning to guarantee affordability and a smooth, crossover to an SUV large sufficient to transport 7 passengers plus their luggage on all kinds of roads.

2018 Dodge Journey Engine

The engine 2018 Dodge Journey crossover has a storage space of 1047 liters on the third and the second row of its seats; it is downgraded offering benefits to large families. The automobile has a 283 horsepower and a torque of 265 lb-ft. from the V6 3.6 liter engine. The 2013 dodge has no problems in reaching this cruising speed.  The V6 will always have teeth whether it has been accompanied by the other 6 passengers or it’s alone.  The R/T Rallye will always have a drive system whether you use it properly or not.

2018 Dodge Journey Interior

The interior of the 2018 Journey is fashionable and yet stylish.  For the control room, the driver can use an 8.4-inch touchscreen.  The control room also enables one to use both the navigation system GPS, DVD, mp3 and CD player. The Park view camera assists in the monitoring of what is exactly happening at the rear side of the vehicle.   All these options are all included in the audio and navigation group which proves to be a good investment.

The rearview camera helps in improving the rear visibility that is in normal cases obstructed by the windshield narrowness. All these options are meant to ease every day driving.  To be able to reach the seats at the third row, a little elbow grease is required.  The second seat will, however, advance without any trouble but when pushing back a little more effort is required the same case with the two arms. Some of its main competitors include the Chevrolet Equinox, Hyundai Santa Fé, Ford edge Explorer and the Kia Sorrento.

2018 Dodge Journey Exterior

The exterior will go through a number of customized changes. However, the producer is yet to provide particulars regarding its exteriors. It is determined that the manufacturers will make use of certain designs elements from the 2018 Chrysler 200 and the 2018 Chrysler 300.

2018 Dodge Journey Price

Dodge offers a front wheel drive for people in need of these specific specifications. The price is inclusive of delivery charges totaling up to around $38,890 for the 2018 Dodge Journey price which will come in slightly less than other 2018 crossovers in its class.

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