2018 Ford Edge will have Features Worth Paying Attention to

The Ford boss, Graeme Whickman made an official announcement earlier this year. He hinted at the possibility that the new Ford will be among the company’s top range SUVs. We have not been able to know so much about this vehicle. However, from the pieces of information gathered in the grapevine, this will certainly be a car worth paying attention to.

The field of mechanics is that the competition is very stiff. It therefore only means that any new model produced must reflect the current standards. It is an endless endeavor to please the European car enthusiasts.

2018 Ford Edge Interior Specifications

The 2018 Ford Edge will be very exclusive. It is also rumored that this car will be coming with an improved power steering system. This will make it easy for the driver to maneuver with much more ease. The vehicle will also be fitted with an active noise cancellation technology. The benefit of this is that the occupants will be free from the traffic noise from other vehicles on the road. This way, they will concentrate more on enjoying the ride. There is a 180 degrees camera, thus having a larger field of view.

We also anticipate active park assist, cross traffic alert and so many another kind of interesting features. For the U.S market, it will be having a carrying capacity of five passengers.  The United Kingdom will be having a right-hand version of this five-sitter model. However, the Chinese market will be having the seven sitter model. As for Australia, it is not yet clear what version its citizens will have to deal with.

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2018 Ford Edge Exterior Design

In terms of dimensions, the new Ford Edge will have the same dimensions as the current model. It will roughly measure 1.47 m high and 4.77 meters long. It is not a replacement for the territory.

We cannot say so much about the body design as per now since the Ford boss has been very economical with the facts concerning this vehicle. However, let us simply hope that the engineers and the designers have been able to do a good job on the outside of this vehicle.

2018 Ford Edge Engine Specifications

We expect a petrol and diesel powertrain to come along with this machine. This is, however, a speculation since Ford has not yet come out to clarify on the same. The new Ford Edge SUV should also be able to offer off-wheel drive configuration with the front wheel to buyers.

It is most likely that the will be having two versions of the petrol engine in the U.S market. It will either be a 2-liter petrol engine generating 183kW. It could also be 2.7 liters generating 224kW. As for the U.K market, it will be a 2.0 liter turbocharged capable of producing 154kW.  It is very possible that the engines will be paired with auto transmission.

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2018 Ford Edge Price and Date of Release

It is not easy to talk about the price right now since the details of this vehicle are yet to be perfected.  However, it will be more expensive than Everest and Kuga.

The 2018 Ford Edge SUV will not be released before 2018.

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