2018 Ford Fusion and Its Exemplary Features

Ford is a renowned company in the automobile industry that has been manufacturing fine and stunning car models for decades. Due to the high quality and captivating looks in all Ford models, this company has put confidence in its clients. Ford clients have always wanted to buy every new model that they release to the market.

To maintain that good customer relationship, Ford has decided to manufacture another outstanding and marvelous model known as 2018 Ford Fusion. This model will be available in two models; hybrid and sports type respectively. Most features will be similar but the engines will vary a little bit.


2018 Ford Fusion Exterior

This model is just glamorous and its exterior looks are stunning. It has a nice grille that has a touch of slits of metal that give it a fabulous finish. It has modern LED headlights that have been designed in a peculiar way: in a standardized size. They are of high quality and hence durable: this makes them require less maintenance and therefore they are cheap to maintain.

The headlights encompass two indicator lamps that have been fitted in the headlight boxes. This model has stylish 19 inches wheels that have been made of a glittering alloy. The body will be just one of a kind because the designers have used the finest skills in crafting a nice body that will be very strong.

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2018 Ford Fusion Interior

The interior of this model has a lot to admire. Its window is covered with chrome and it has a spectacular infotainment system. When you are inside that car, it is as if you are inside a studio because it has a wide range of features to keep you thrilled to your satisfaction. It has fantastic wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi, Pandora link for satellite radio, iPhone connectivity, Bluetooth, and GPS navigation system.

The 2018 Fusion will also have an improved audio player, HD touchscreen, USB and auxiliary ports. There are some other driver’s support features such as rear parking camera, lane change assistance, lane departure warning, rear parking camera, ABS and dual airbags.

These features are installed for the safety and comfort of the car user. They increase flexibility to enhance driving. It will have high-quality leather seats that have a glamorous finish making them look elegant and appealing. It will also have a home security that will enhance the driver’s experience.

2018 Ford Fusion Engine

These two models look alike but they have a slight difference in the engine. Their engine specifications are varied. The hybrid model will be powered by both fuel and battery. It will have a 44 cylinder engine with a 2.5-liter capacity and it will yield 175hp. The sports model will have a 3.5 V6 engine and it will yield 265hp. Its engine transmission will be in two modes: the 5-speed handbook and 6-speed automatic transmission. These two models will be available in 2WD and in 4WD and you will choose according to your tastes and preferences.

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