2018 GMC Sierra Review – Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

This new 2018 GMC Sierra is going to be given real-time modifications. This alterations and improvements are in order to make it a pickup which is full size. Upgrades will be witnessed in the interior and exterior to give it what it needs to beat its rivals in America and the Middle East. It’ll be interesting to see how GMC’s flagship pickup will stack up with the rest of the competition which will include the 2018 Ford F150 and 2018 Dodge RAM 1500.

The design of the 2018 Sierra will also be taken back to the drawing board and the engine will be improved so that the previous flaws can be corrected in this new model.  If you need to show your masculine abilities, then you can start off by purchasing this truck which will certainly become one of the top-selling 2018 full-sized pickups.

The following 2018 GMC Sierra review details the upcoming interior, exterior, engine, release date, and price.

2018 GMC Sierra Interior Design and Features

Due to the much improvements made in the 2018 GMC Sierra interior, the newer model will appeal to those looking for a bit more class. We’re hearing GMC is looking to bring in all of the top features including high-end technology with wireless internet, 3D overlay navigation, centralized infotainment via the high definition touchscreen, backup camera, surround sound audio, satellite radio, and much more. High-quality materials will be used in the manufacturing of this cabin the interior giving consumers an ultimate ride in the lap of luxury.

The manufacturer aims at producing this truck in four trim packages. A 300 inverter, 5 USB ports, other added power ports, cup holders, and some a new console design will form much of the interior. The dashboard will be upgraded and fixed with an 8-inch screen to monitor, alter and control all that is happening to the vehicle.


2018 GMC Sierra Exterior Design and Features

There will be chrome accents whispering around the exterior of the 2018 Sierra edges than any other version.  The entire outside will undergo a drastic change with one of the biggest design elements will be a much lighter aluminum alloy material. One this is confirmed, we can expect the exterior of the cab will be robust which will have a huge effect on performance and overall handling.  The air intakes at the front will be worked on to give some new look and fashion.

The front grille will, of course, be triple slotted with the logo at the center. The body shape and the back of the body might as well look the same but the headlights and bumper will be given some touches. The same platform might be used in this model as the previous types.

2018 GMC Engine Specs and Performance

After all the major changes that have taken place on the exterior and interior, we can expect that a major engine will be installed, and I mean a real engine. One version of the 2018 GMC Sierra engine will have the v-6 that produces a torque equivalent to 305 pond feet consuming 4.3 liters to produce 285 hp. The second will be v-8 503 liters and the third a v-8 with 6.2-liter capacity.

They will be yielding 355 and 420 hp and a torque of 383 and 460 pounds respectively. And to some on the performance of the track, there will be up to 10-speed auto transmission systems that will put the truck on point.

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2018 GMC Sierra Release Date and Price

2018 GMC Sierra release date will be on the showroom floors before the end of the 2017 calendar year. Currently, all the major operations and logistics have already been done, so there will be no excuse for not having the new Sierra truck by the end of the fall at a price tag of $32,000 and will climb up into the mid 50’s depending on the trim package and options selected.

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