2018 GMC Yukon Superb Features and Elegance

Top car manufacturers are in a hurry to come up with new and spectacular car models that will lead in the automobile market. This has made General Motors to be on its toes and to come up with an immaculate model called 2018 GMC Yukon. This model has very superb features all over right from the interior to the exterior.

Fans of motor cars will be electrified and captivated by this car model. This is because the craftsmanship that has been applied by the designers is glamorous. They were meticulous in making fine curves to make sure that this model will appear in an outstanding way.

It will be laid on a GMC K2UG platform that took over from GMT 900 series platform. The GMC K2UG is the current platform that is used in manufacturing pickups and SUSs. Designers prefer it because it is a high-quality platform that incorporates pomp and sportiness. GMC Yukon will be a fanciful car that will captivate everyone to an extent that they will borrow a ride.


2018 GMC Yukon Interior

This model will be spacious enough whereby it will have a capacity to accommodate nine passengers. It has leather-covered seats that make it a lavish vehicle to drive in. Furthermore, the seats will be enhanced and they will have a technological assist. The 2018 Yukon will also have an upgraded air conditioning system, safety assists, infotainment system and an updated driver. The infotainment system that this model will have will be the latest in the market that is a GMC interlink infotainment system.

It will also have wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot, 4G LTE connectivity and internet radio. The radio will be quite flexible because it will incorporate FM, XM and AM radio tuner. It will also have a CD player and a 7-inch touchscreen display. It will also have active city stop that uses Ranging Technology as well as Light Detection. These features enable the car to detect its proximity to other objects and therefore avoid the collision.

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It will have parking assistance, driver alert system, an adaptive cruise control and a lane departure warning. It also has a rear camera that enhances safety and optimal driving performance. When you are driving this car, you and your passengers will be at peace because there is a galore of features that will give you comprehensive safety. They include dual front airbags, antilock braking system, hill start assistance, power four-wheel brakes, intelligent brake assist and head curtain.

2018 GMC Yukon Exterior

This model will have a bigger grille and its bumper will be modified. It will also have LED headlights and also fog lights. The sleek appearance of this vehicle will be enhanced by the modification of the exhaust. Its tail and rear brake lights will also be modified to give this model more glamour.

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2018 GMC Yukon Engine

This model will have a 6.2-liter V8 unit that will yield 420hp and 460lb of torque. It will have 6-speed transmissions with an acceleration of 0-100 KM/PH in 5 seconds and a speed limit of 300KM/PH.

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