2018 Honda Fit Review – Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

This will be the third generation Honda Fit with a more improved interior and exterior. This new model is going to ensure safety in the interior. It will also be technologically equipped and improved. It will have a front and rear head airbags, a G-force control technology, hill start assist, ESS and city break active. The 2018 Honda Fit is luxurious and comfortable which is something you wouldn’t expect from a sub-compact car with its price. There is not much information on it but it is going to be fully equipped to satisfy the needs of the customers.

This 2018 Honda Fit review details every inch of the interior, exterior, engine, release date, and price.

2018 Honda Fit Interior Design and Features

There is speculation about some of the 2018 Honda Fit interiors with analysts giving it two thumbs up. The seats will be designed to suit the comfort of the passengers with fine material and an ample space. The latest dash panel will be provided with features like USE connectivity, Bluetooth, seven-inch touchscreen display, steering system and climate control.

The control panel also comes with various improvements, it also has audio controls. The front seats are designed to be able to rotate, this proves that the car comes in great infotainment and entertainment system. The exterior, however, has a little information on it. This model will be created by Japanese automobile so it is going to be an awesome make.


2018 Honda Fit Exterior Design and Features

The entrance fender of the 2018 Fit will receive the roofing spoiler, the grille will be improved and redesigned with plastic but the chrome will still retain the symbol of Honda. It is equipped with the LED lights that are an up to date exquisite technology. The overall appearance of the model has been improved and made to surpass the grade of quality. The aluminum lightweight body material has been used in the making of the model, and it is going to have a wide variety of color options.

2018 Honda Fit Engine Specs and Performance

The specs of the 2018 Honda Fit engine will also be improved just like the exterior and the interior of the car. The model will have a better engine than its predecessor, it will be a 1.5 liter Atkinson routine four-cylinder engine that will be paired with the seven-speed double gear transmission. It will have the horsepower of 130 and the torque of 114-pound-feet. It is able to perform up to around 86 miles per gallon. It has two gearboxes, the automatic CVT, and the 6-speed transmission.

The other engine is going to be 1.3 liters which is equivalent to 130 horsepower as well and torque of 100 pound-feet. This means that the overall performance of the car is going to be improved. This also enhances saving of the fuel economy and also saving on the cost. Other areas that are also going to be improved include the handling, suspension and the acceleration.

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2018 Honda Fit Release Date and Price

There is no accurate information of the 2018 Honda Fit release date, but rumor has it that the model will be released to the market from late 2017 with a price ranging from $18,000 to $25,000. This is a worthy price considering the improvement on the car while the official details won’t be released from Honda until the spring or summer of 2017.

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