2018 Infiniti QX50 Review – Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

The 2018 Infiniti QX50 is one great car. The best cross over you can come across in the market. Great changes come along with this model, you may have doubts about cars but this is one car that you need not worry, it is exceptional. The redesigning done gives this car a wonderful shape and element of elegance and ultimate class. Getting this model for yourself is money well spent. The 2018 Infiniti QX50 has all the attributes that you hope to find in a modern model.

The following 2018 Infiniti QX50 review details the interior, exterior, engine, release date, and price.

2018 Infiniti QX50 Interior Design and Features

The 2018 Infiniti QX50 interior has been improved and redesigned to appeal to the consumer. The interior has the inclusion of technologically appreciated stereo system. The new model has entertainment components that are connected to a central controlling panel that has Bluetooth application. All the music, video and phone specs have eased control the use of the Bluetooth wireless system.

You will also have ease navigating to foreign destinations with the help of the 3D GPS guided navigation system displayed on a touch screen panel. You will have continuous and undisturbed entertainment, news and communication access in all locations from the satellite radio. Your safety is in their best interest, there have installed blind spot cameras and front crash avoidance cameras. The new 2018 Infiniti QX50 offers you with more legroom at the rear seat and also more space for your cargo.


2018 Infiniti QX50 Exterior Design and Features

You will be impressed by the classy modifications to the exterior that have been made on the shape of the 2018 QX50 model. Looking at the front of this car, you observe the improvements made on the bumpers and extended bonnet to make it more appealing. The rear has also been redesigned to give it the unique shape that gives it that unique shape that impresses you. The new improvements in the shape makes it more stable in high speed driving. This model will provide you with safe on road and off rod driving .you will have access to all terrains since this 2018 QX50 Infiniti has a raised floor.

2018 Infiniti QX50 Engine Specs and Performance

The 2018 Infiniti QX50 engine offers you the best engine available on the market. You will have access to a V6 shaped engine with 3.7 liter capacity. The engine has more power that is 330 horsepower and 7 speed automatic and semi-automatic transmission. The 2018 Infiniti QX50 offers you more mileage of 18mpg and 26 mg for both city and highway drive respectively.

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2018 Infiniti QX50 Release Date and Price

You may have been curiously waiting to hear about the release dates of the new 2018 QX50. This model will be released to the local and international markets in the last quarter of 2017, and will be priced as a true luxury car. The 2018 Infiniti QX50 price is expected to be higher than the previous versions of the 2018 model. The base price will be at least $34,900 dollars while the 2018 Infiniti QX50 AWD will start around $36,200 dollars.

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