2018 Lincoln MKT Review – Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

The Lincoln MKT articulately defined a wagon, over the years as modern technology that aided in the transformation of the entire concept. The modern concept of convenience that has facilitated the creation of the top-selling wagons has been perfectly met by the luxury of Lincoln. The 2018 Lincoln MKT will not be any short of that, as it will express the fineness of luxury as it gives its consumers an invigorating ride.

This full-sized wagon will be the most suitable for consumers focusing on important wheel aspects such as safety features, a comfortable ride and all modern technology aspects considered as top-notch. These features are expected to be found in all the 2018 MKT models. The 2018 MKT will bring along the best storage in competition. Other top amenities packaged in this ultra-modern car include 360-degree airbags, passenger electronics, onboard internet and a crash avoidance system to offer advanced safety to the occupants.

The following 2018 Lincoln MKT review takes a closer look at the upcoming interior, exterior, engine, release date, and price.

2018 Lincoln MKT Interior Design and Features

The interior is said to be interestingly equipped with standard and optional features that include a wide range of interior electronics, headrest TV’s, inflatable safety restraints, Lane-Keeping Systems and Drive control. Additionally, the 2018 Lincoln Model will keep travelers in connection to the rest of the world via 4G LTE internet that has simultaneous multi-device connection ability.

2018 Lincoln MKT Exterior Design and Features

The 2018 Lincoln MKT will create a completely competitive concept wagon all its models. The lineup of the 2018 MKT will have specs and features that align in the same direction the American automobile manufacturer is working towards in ensuring the concept of premium luxury, styling, and Safety.

Rumors suggest that the high-end Lincoln vehicle will have an improved exterior that will give a more appealing look with a comparison to other full-sized wagons. The suggested features of the redesign are characterized by a sleeker look, headlight assembly, and a relatively new grill just to mention but a few. The body will as well be lighter to offer an improvement on the handling and the economy of the fuel.

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2018 Lincoln MKT Engine Specs and Performance

This car is likely to spot on an EcoBoost 3.7 liter, a 3.5-liter option and a 6-speed auto-transmission that is described by reviewers as the perfect combination of economy and power. The engine, on fuel economy, will give about 17mpg for city commutes and up to 24mpg for highway travel.

2018 Lincoln MKT Release Date

The release is expected to be revealed during the unveiling in the summer of 2017. The 2018 Lincoln MTK will be available for consumers to purchase during the second half of 2017 in the United States. The vehicle is further expected to be available at local dealers of other markets worldwide between late 2017 and early 2018.

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2018 Lincoln MKT Price

The all-new 2018 Lincoln MKT price is expected to be expensive, just as the current MTK. Below are launch prices as expected for the MKT EcoBoost and Base model.

The 2018 Lincoln MKT EcoBoost        Starting at $46,400

2018 Lincoln MKT BaseStarting at $44,500

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