2018 Volkswagen Golf Review – Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

The Volkswagen Golf is popularly known for being versatile and offering comfort, styling and the perfect balance of performance. For consumers searching for an awesome ride off-road and on-road, the Golf is the hatchback of choice. Volkswagen Golf also comes with an appealing exterior that fully incorporates the best qualities linked with the Volkswagen brand. The 2018 Volkswagen Golf will feature new innovations and bring out desirable creations.

The 2018 Volkswagen Golf comes with improved finer qualities that are likely to attract consumers of all ages. Internationally, the brand new Volkswagen Golf will have some of the best safety standards, plus innovative luxury features that represent the best and most sort-after German engineering qualities. Potential and existing consumers are likely to enjoy the luxurious ride that is defined by versatility and a stylish concept. Word goes around suggests that the 2018 Volkswagen Golf will come in at least four trims that include the electric e-Golf, Golf R, GTI and the standard Golf.

2018 Volkswagen Golf Review – Interior, Exterior, Engine, Release Date, and Price

This 2018 Volkswagen Golf review details everything on the interior, exterior, engine release date, and price.

2018 Volkswagen Golf Interior Design and Features

The 2018 Volkswagen Golf is expected to be among the top seller and a look on the inside will help us rate this expectation. Standard and optional features expected include text messaging, MP3 support, Apple-Connect, Car-net, Android Auto, Apple Car Play, 3D navigation, central touchscreen display,  sufficient airbags, rear crash avoidance sensors, Parking Assist, and Lane Assist guidance among many more yet to be unveiled.

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2018 Volkswagen Golf Exterior Design and Features

The hatchback’s exterior resembles an updated version of the Volkswagen MQB modular platform. The 2018 VW Golf has a five-door body, suspensions and a medium wheelbase. Generally, it is expected to maintain the traditional Golf appearance for the sake of authenticity and aesthetics.

2018 Volkswagen Golf Engine Design and Features

Under the hood of the 2018 Volkswagen Golf, you should expect a 1.8-liter engine with the potential of producing 170 horsepower. The Golf R model will feature a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that gives 295 horsepower. The gas consumption will be compared to other in-class hatchbacks and is expected to be around 25 mpg for city roads and 38 mpg for highway roads. The 2018 electric e-Golf will its fuel economy ranging between 120 and 110 miles per gallon.

2018 Volkswagen Golf Release Date

The release date for the 2018 Volkswagen Golf is expected to be towards the end of the third quarter of 2017. The release date for the United States, however, could come as early as the end of Q2 the same year.

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2018 Volkswagen Golf Price

The car will once again confirm its worth in the global automobile market with its launch prices. This release offers fair prices in comparison to the most in-class hatchback and depends on which model trim you are interested. Below are the expected launch prices for standard Golf, Golf R, the electric e-Golf and the GTI.

2018 Volkswagen Golf Price              Starting at $20,400

2018 Volkswagen Golf R Price          Starting at $35,900

2018 Volkswagen e-Golf Price          Starting at $29,400

2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI Price      Starting at $25,900

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