2021 BMW i5 Concept and Rumors

Last year at Frankfurt Motor Show BMW had revealed its I Vision Dynamics Concept. It was later revealed that this concept will eventually enter production and without much alteration emerge as a 3rd major thing in company’s I Range from i3 and i8. Needless to say that it’s the preview of upcoming 2021 BMW i5 in that case. And since it’s going to enter production without major changes, we can safely count on its design and other details to get an idea of what 2021 BMW i5 may have to offer. And that’s precisely what we’ll do in this article. Let’s begin:

BMW i5 concept

The i Vision Dynamics Concept that’s likely to turn into 2021 BMW i5

2021 BMW i5 Concept

First of all, 2021 BMW i5 will be electric. At least this concept revealed by the company says so. In terms of size, it’s nearly the same as BMW 3 series, and it’s based on company’s KLAR platform, which underpins 5 series, 7 series and pretty much everything coming from the company in next few years.

On the top of the car, there’s a full-length sunroof identical to the one that we found on X7 concept, but rumors suggest that it’ll be an optional thing in the production model of i5. Headlights and tail lamps are narrow with sharp and aggressive corners, but they may also be toned down in the production model. And finally, we’ve the prominent ‘kidney’ grille, which is large in this I Vision Dynamics concept but again something that’s likely to be altered in the production model and made smaller to resemble conventional BMW grilles.

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2021 BMW i5 Rumors

Some interesting rumors are floating about the interiors of 2021 BMW i5. One of them is that this car will offer a wide range of trim material choices to the buyers. A digital screen is expected to replace the analog dials and a second floating screen is likely to act as infotainment screen of the car. Enhanced legroom and shoulder room is also expected for people sitting in the rear seat.

Coming to the range, driving and powertrain of 2021 BMW i5, rumors suggest that the range of this vehicle will be as much as 400 miles. However, it remains to be seen how close i5 comes to this range in real life. The car is also expected to reach the acceleration of 0-62 mph in 4 seconds. Top speed of this beast may be 124 mph.



Expected to arrive in 2021, BMW i5 is likely to start from the base price of £35,000. From there it may go all the way up to £50,000 depending on the model of your choice. Yes, there’s a wait of two long years in between, but good things often take time to come to life.

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