Electric Cars Pros And Cons – Positive/Negative Effects

Electric Cars are slowly slowly becoming the de-facto mode of transport for the US. It has been reported that almost 38 percent of sales were up in 2016 from the sales in 2015 for Electric Cars. This shows that people are accepting Electric Cars eventually and will finally use them to replace these old, run-of-the-mill Gasoline Cars.

Electric Cars have a whole lot if benefits attached to them, but what makes it more different is that the various eco-friendly features it offers. But it should also be kept in mind that they are not free of their negative impacts as well. Following are some of the most important pros and cons that Electric Cars has to offer.

Electric Cars Pros And Cons

Electric Cars Pros And Cons

Electric Cars Pros

Electric Cars Are Cheaper To Run: Let’s face the truth – Gasoline Cars are much costlier to operate than Electric Cars. It is said that an average person who does 15,000 miles annually can save $850 in just moving onto an Electric Car. This is one of the most important benefits that one can experience from these cars. The amount of money spent on fuel would rather be spent on charging the car battery instead.

Electric Cars Can Be Charged Anywhere: It’s not easy to find fueling stations at your workplace or your residential areas, but you will surely find an electric charging station for recharging your depleted Electric Car battery. Not only that, nowadays various kinds of fast charging are popping up – the newest being the DC charging which does 80 percent of the charge in just 30 minutes, which is just extraordinary.

Electric Cars Have Zero Engine Noise: It is reported than in an average car going at 65 MPH, the interior noise will be around 60-70 dB, whereas Electric Cars will be quiet like a whisper. They create almost zero noise pollution and this is a huge benefit going forward and are thus very much environment friendly.

Electric Cars Are Blazing Fast: Did you know that the Tesla Model S P100D can hit 0-60 MPH in just 2.28 seconds, making it the fastest production car in the world to hit 60 MPH under 2.3 seconds? Electric Cars are definitely the more faster of the lot than the Gasoline Cars. This can be a deciding factor for some people who want to have the ultimate speed.

Various Tax Breaks And Subsidies Are Available: Every Electric Vehicle purchased in the US is applicable to get the Federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax credit ranging from anywhere between  $2500 to $7500.

This benefit will ultimately reduce the overall cost of the car and will absolutely help the buyer in moving more towards a greener future. This credit system is the reason why more than 30% of the customers in the US purchased an Electric Vehicle.

Electric Vehicles Are More Safer: Electric Cars are packed to the brim with various kind of safety features, even more than petrol or diesel cars. The main feature being the self-driving feature that will allow the Artificial Intelligence of the car to take over the driving task from the car’s driver. This will definitely help in reducing the number of accidents.

Electric Cars Are Easier To Maintain :In Electric Cars there are no such spark plugs, air filters or even brake fluids to change – which definitely falls more easier on the pocket than petrol or diesel cars. Plus a lot of time will also be saved by spending less at service Centers.

Electric Cars Are Eco-friendly: Electric Cars very much eco-friendly. They create very less air and noise pollution to say the least. Much much less than petrol or diesel cars. The amount of pollution that can be created by producing electricity for the Electric Cars will still be very less than the one produced by cars running on fossil fuels.

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Electric Cars Cons 

Electric Cars Have Limited Driving Range: Various different Electric Cars have various different driving ranges. For example, the Tesla Model S and Model X has range of more than 250 miles, while Tesla Model 3 had 215 miles. Therefore, this should always be kept in mind while going for an Electric Car.

Electric Cars Have Higher Initial Cost: Electric Cars definitely need more investment up front at the start than Gasoline Cars. The investment will be more in the first buy, but will eventually stagnate overtime. The Federal credit system in the US is definitely helping a part of it.

Electric Charging Stations Are A Work-In-Progress: The charging infrastructure still needs to implemented in the right for Electric Cars to evolve and become successful. It is said that there will be 12.7 million charging stations in the whole world by 2020. That is indeed a huge number. This shows that the infrastructure is slowly changing.

Very Few Electric Cars To Choose From: To be honest, there are only a handful of companies that are producing Electric Cars nowadays. And thus the options are very much limited by what you choose from, compared to Gasoline Cars. Therefore, this can be a factor that could make or break the decision of owning an Electric Car.

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It is definitely a more conclusive evidence that Electric Cars have almost double the pros than that of the cons it possesses. Even though the cons seems very less, they definitely need to be addressed in the future, so that Electric Cars could be owned by everyone without any hiccups.

Electric Cars will always have an upper hand in terms of efficiency, safety, emissions, costs and various other benefits, and thus it only a matter of time before it takes over the whole car industry.

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