Google Self Driving Car Pros And Cons

For the last four years at least, Google has been testing its self-driving cars on the streets of Mountain View, California, USA. The testing seems to have gone pretty great till now, and Google has now ordered about 100 prototypes for their version of self-driving cars, except that it has no steering wheel or even an accelerator – just an emergency stop button.

The idea of Google’s self-driving cars is very different from what you see with Tesla or any other self-driving car company. Here Google is all about service and nothing about selling to the end consumers. So, if you plan to travel to any place, you just let your nearby Google Car know using your mobile phone, it arrives, you sit in it and it will take you to your destination and then it’ll go off to serve another customer.

This idea is pretty much a single-stop solution for all those traffic problems because there will be no Google Car on the roads if someone is not using it. That’s why let’s go through some of the pros and cons of this beautiful technology.

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Pros of Google Self Driving Car 

  • Aiming For A Bigger Impact :By hiring world-class scientists and engineers like Sebastian Thrun and Astro Teller, Google is aiming to reduce traffic on the roads and decrease the number of accidents by going full autonomous. That means, the idea of Google is to remove the driver from the loop, and thus also aim for car sharing, which would lead to more cost savings for the regular consumers.
  • Starting Small:Google Car project is lead by a team of only 12 engineers and Google has spent only about $50 million on the project so far, which is less than 0.0003 percent of Google’s revenue over the whole course of the program. Therefore, Google is spending more time analysing every technology, every possibility,  before spending big. This will surely help in making the project more organised and successful.
  • Faster Learning:We all know how legendary is Google in making searches work faster. Now Google is using the same methods to learn faster about self-driving technology. Machine Learning is at its peak at Google – there’s no denying it with products such as Google Assistant and Google Home. Therefore, Google’s Car will be more adapted towards the public roads, better than its competitors.
  • Use Of Software By Other Vendors :Apart from Google’s own car, Google could also lend its same software to other driverless car manufacturers, like what it did with the Android OS, and thus create a whole fleet of self-driving cars running on all Google’s platform. This will create a more harmony among the driverless cars.

Cons of Google Self Driving Car

  • More Competition In The Industry: While more competition is always a good thing for consumers, in case of self-driving cars – competition should always be against the cars that run on petrol or diesel, and not create competition among the few self-driving companies that are trying to make the technology successful.
  • Could Create A Monopoly:If Google’s plan is just the same as what it did with the Android OS, then it would ultimately create a monopoly market, which would essentially give Google all the power to control it, which could be terrifying.
  • More User Data Mining:We all know how Google collects all information about us – what we search on the web, where we go, where we eat, where we stay – everything. The Google Car will another way of obtaining information for Google about its customers, which some people may not like due to privacy reasons.


It’s hard to fathom a world where there would be no Google products – we just can’t. Google products have been over the years become the staple ways of using technology, be it Google Maps or Google Search.

Therefore, Google’s entry into the self-driving car market will surely shake things up, and definitely make the world a better place to live – just like what it did with its other products.

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