2019 Hyundai NEXO Hydrogen Powered SUV Revealed

When Hyundai reveal its semi-automatic Fuel Cell Electric SUV NEXO at CES 2018, not much was expected from it, especially in terms of self-driving capabilities. However, a month later things have completely changed. This large SUV has impressed everyone not only with its great self-driving capabilities but also with a number of interesting features included in it. In this article, we’re gonna tell you everything that you should know about it. Let’s begin:

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) Technology

The biggest highlight of Hyundai NEXO is its Fuel Cell Stack. Unlike other electric vehicles which take hours to charge the pressurized hydrogen tank of NEXO takes only a little longer than it takes to fill the petrol/diesel tank of regular cars. It takes roughly five minutes according to Hyundai. Then once it has been filled, the fuel-cell of 95kW creates the energy needed for 40kW battery and 120 kW engine of the car. The engine is then propelled by the
combined power of fuel-cell and battery.

Key Features

There’re several great features of this FCEV technology which make Hyundai NEXO unique. When it’s on the roads, it emits nothing harmful. And when it’s in your garage, it generates electricity. Given below are all major features of this SUV:

Power generation:

Yep, it’s a powerhouse on the wheels! And therefore, it can be used for a variety of purposes, as Hyundai said in its press statement:

“Many household items found in the kitchen, the garden, and the living room can be powered by a fuel cell electric vehicle.”

So your Hyundai NEXO can provide assistance during peak hours and also during an electricity outage. While it can’t generate enough electricity to power an entire house, it can certainly save you from lighting up those candles.

Water generation:

Electricity is not the only thing generated by Hyundai NEXO. It also generates water in the process, which can be used to maintain your greenery or for any other purpose. All you would have to do is attaching a pipe to its tailpipe and then take that pipe to your garden (or anywhere else, depending on your requirements).

Low maintenance:

Since there’s no combustion engine in Hyundai NEXO, it also doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. The servicing costs of this car are a fraction of what you pay for a gasoline based car.


Finally, it also has some serious self-driving capabilities (semi-automatic though). In recent tests, it successfully covered the distance of 118 miles (between Seoul and Pyeongchang) without any human input, which is quite impressive in itself. According to Hyundai, the self-driving functionality of NEXO works on both highways
and city streets. It can also park itself.

Exteriors and Interiors

The design of Hyundai NEXO is a head-turner. It screams “I’m high-tech!”, no matter from which angle you see it. The exteriors of the car are snazzy, while interiors are wide and more practical. It comes with cool pop-out door handles, a blind-spot view monitor and wide-angle surround view monitors that help in eliminating blind-spots.


The acceleration of this car is better than a number of regular gasoline cars that you might’ve driven. It’s no Ferrari, but it can reach 100km/hr in 9.6 seconds. That’s more than enough for your day-to-day use.


Being an electric vehicle Hyundai NEXO is completely eco-friendly. The only emissions that come out of its tailpipe are water vapor or water – that’s it! Nothing harmful for the environment.

Bottom Line

So far, so good. But the biggest problem right now in front of hydrogen-powered EVs is lack of refueling infrastructure. The oil companies still control a large share of the land vehicle fuel market, and unless it is changed vehicles based on other fuel sources are less likely to become mainstream. However, this will change soon as Hyundai is betting big money on it. The regulators around the world will start giving more preference to alternative fuel sources as they’re now starting to realize the harmful effects of gasoline and diesel. So hopefully Hyundai NEXO can find some serious success in the years coming ahead.

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