Ludicrous Apollo Intensa Emozione Design, Interior and Performance

Ludicrous Apollo Intensa Emozione is a limited edition vehicle, one of the only ten track focused cars to be released shortly by Apollo Automobili. The limited edition is actually being touted as the precursor of the hyper-hyped Apollo Arrow, which was unveiled in the Geneva Auto show earlier this year.

The name of the car is Italian and literally translates to ‘intense emotion’, which is fitting considering the power and design of the car. In fact, we are not sure of we should continue calling it a car at all at this point; it is as close to the Batmobile as you would ever get right now.

Apollo Intensa Emozione price

And you need to be at least as loaded as Bruce Wayne if you are looking to buy this beast of a car. The hypercar comes with a price tag of $2.7 million.

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It will be rolled out sometime in 2019, but it is being expected that buyers will be able to pre-book the car beforehand in 2018 itself, in keeping with all luxury car brands. Once you can actually add the money together to buy the car, you will be rewarded by being able to participate in a pretty exclusive Apollo Intensa Emozione time attack program.

Apollo Intensa Emozione engine

The crazy price tag of the Apollo Intensa Emozione is justified by its engine alone. The engine is modeled by Apollo’s trusted engine supplier, Autotecnica Motori, and is a naturally aspirated, easy acceleration 6.3 liter V12 that comes with a 9000 rpm redline, with power peak at 8500 rpm. Judging from this, it can be assumed that the engine will
produce more than 780 horsepower and 561 lb-ft of torque. The motor is clearly designed to deliver a wonderfully smooth driving experience, thanks to the fact that it is completely free of forced induction, with gradual electrification.

Apollo Intensa Emozione design

The hypercar is pretty much built on a highly futuristic mode; in fact, it looks more designed by super-advanced aliens than by us mere mortals. The car is Italian born, straight out of the stables of Manifattura Automobili Torino. It was conceptualized by a fresh graduate and looks as powerful as it actually is, complete with a host of creases and a wing. Both design elements are intensely practical; the creases ensure adequate airflow, and the wing accommodates a downforce of 2976 lbs at 186 km/h.

One look at the Apollo Intennza Emozione and you will know that the great predators inspired its design: raptors and sharks. To take it a notch further, the design also is faintly reminiscent of jets. The nose is particularly shark-like, and the teardrop shape helps smooth airflow over the greenhouse. The fenders covering the chunky front tires are large and spread out. There are exposed sections facing the rear that keeps the car from becoming a compressed box, feeding the car atmosphere through the aerodynamically

enhanced fins at the sides. The exhaust at the rear end is shaped like a Trident, which acts as an influencer for the diffuser. The animalistic appearance of the car is further enhanced by the spine that runs through the rear and connects to the fairly large rear wing. This is not merely a design afterthought; it serves the purpose of providing additional lateral stability and accommodating a lot of downforces.

Apollo Intensa Emozione interior

The Apollo Intensa Emozione is as beastly on the inside as it is on the outside. The gullwing doors help the ingress and egress and side sill aerodynamics, looking awesome all the way. What strikes the passenger first is the amalgamation of different shapes and very sharp lines, giving a geometric and futuristic feel to the entire cabin and seating arrangement of the car.

Apollo Intenza Emozione interior

Apollo Intensa Emozione interior

The car is intended to pick great speed, and the seats are designed to ensure that passengers don’t feel the shock and are not thrown off their seats. The seats are deep, with fixed backs, and the belts are strong, close, and tight. The dashboard is lit with a series of buttons that are a thumb’s distance from the steering wheel, and cater to regulating the blinkers, the lights, the windshield wipers, the fluid sprayers, the suspension lift system, and the lights. More buttons and switches are present on an overhead panel.

You can also switch between Reverse and Neutral driving modes from the dashboard. The steering wheel looks dead sexy; it’s small, flat-bottomed, made of carbon, and lacks a top section. There are some very modern gadgets behind the wheel. The Apollo logo is prominent in multiple locations, but it never loses its aesthetic grace.

Apollo Intensa Emozione build and weight

The chassis is made from carbon fiber, as is the radical bodywork. This makes for a lot more rigidity. The monocoque is carbon fiber, as are the front and rear subframes. It’s at the chassis that you will be able to see one of the racecars like systems in the Apollo Intensa Emozione: the front and rear setups of double wishbone pushrod suspensions and rocker arm architecture. The seat buckets are also impressively molded.

The chassis itself is intriguing; despite being of a pretty large size, it weighs a mere 231.5 pounds, which brings the total curb weight of the car up to only 2,756 pounds. Needless to say, this adds to the smooth riding experience; driving the car at hairpin bends, rough roads, and uphill is going to be immensely smooth. The car is built as a racecar, so naturally, safety measures are incorporated into its very structure. There are crash structures made from carbon fiber in the front, and anti-roll bars are in place, which is also adjustable.

The electronic dampers are adjustable too, and you can choose from three driving modes: Auto, Sport, and Comfort. The car is manually raised by up to 50 mm once it reaches speeds of and above 20 mph, using an electro-hydraulic
lifter system. There are four air jacks that pave the way for easier pit access in races. The brakes are equipped with carbon ceramic disks; two in the front and two in the back. The front disks are attached to six-piston calipers while the rear disks are attached to four-pot calipers.

Apollo Intensa Emozione performance

The simplicity of the Apollo Intensa Emozione is striking, but it is actually a beautiful blend of modern technology and old school stuff. You need to operate the six-speed sequential gearbox transmission with wheel-mounted paddle shifters. The engine modes can be programmed to wet, sport, and track. Acceleration is astounding; the car can go from zero to sixty miles in a matter of 2.6 seconds and can achieve a maximum of 208 mph at topped, and 2G at sharp bends.

It is clear that the makers of the ludicrous Apollo Intensa Emozione were looking to pack in a manic performance and out of this world design in a single car. It is fitting that a race car maker has come up with this idea and brought it successfully to fruition.

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