Self Driving Cars Pros And Cons – Positive/Negative Effects

Nowadays, with so much car technology getting exposure, the one thing that sticks our minds is the self-driving or driverless car technology. Almost every top car manufacturer is now aiming for developing self-driving cars, be it Tesla or any other company. According to the Center of Disease Control, the report says that almost 33,000 people are being killed annually due to traffic accidents

The most alarming thing is that, most of these accidents are preventable and most accidents like these are caused due to distracted driving.

It is said that self-driving cars are the future. But the thing that definitely needs to be addressed when talking about driverless cars is the change in infrastructure that our cities need, in order for self-driving cars to co-exist peacefully. IBI, which is an engineering and architect group, has reported that self-driving cars will hugely improve the problems of the current traffic conditions. But there can’t be a good thing without the presence of its drawbacks. Following are some of the pros and cons of self-driving cars.

Self Driving Cars Pros And Cons - Positive/Negative Effects

Self Driving Cars Pros And Cons – Positive/Negative Effects

Pros of Self Driving Cars 

Causing of Fewer Accidents: For starters, it definitely can be denied that driverless cars will improve our roads by decreasing the amount of accidents. The reason behind this is that, when a car is in self-driving mode, various numbers of safety features will be installed into car. Those safety features will itself protect the car from all kinds of dangerous situations and will only be working according to those driverless cars only.

Introduction Of Better Driving : It can be understood that an Artificial Intelligence (AI) will not encounter the same mistake as a human being would. It is said that if human beings are kept aside from traffic, roads become almost 81 percent more safer. That’s indeed a huge number to say the least.

An AI can make all kinds of calculations in a shorter span of time that a human being cannot, for example – measuring the right stopping distance, measuring the exact distance between cars, etc.

Traffic Will Need Less Monitoring: It is said that if driverless or self-driving cars become the de-facto option, then there will be no need for any kind of traffic police for regulations. This can free up a lot of the police force to engage in different and more serious tasks, instead of having to capture drivers that do rash driving.

Drivers Will Face Less Hassle On Roads: If driverless technology take over the driving task, then drivers can feel relaxed when driving on the roads. Not much attention need to paid and thus more time could be spend on various other kinds of leisure activities. This time will be put to good use eventually.

Traffic Congestions Will Be Less: Not only just single individuals that will be benefiting from the driverless technology, but also the whole traffic fleet. Self-driving cars will greatly reduce the amount of traffic jams and congestions.

Driverless cars can not only greatly communicate with traffic signals, but also between themselves too, thus totally understanding each other characteristics. This will help them in greatly reducing traffic congestions to a minimum.

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Cons of Self Driving Cars

Various Legal Implications: Self-driving cars are all fancy and looks great when working in the right way. But what happens if the driverless car ends up crashing? Who will be blamed for the accident – the car, the manufacturer or the passenger? Things like this question the laws that is currently governing the self-driving cars.

There is no such legally implemented laws to take care of this, and this is indeed a very serious threat.

Loss In Terms Of Employment: One of the other things that is against the whole driverless technology is the the loss in employment that would take place, if self-driving cars become the norm.

As of today, many people are employed as drivers or chauffeurs – and if driverless technology takes over, these people will lose their jobs in no time. This can indirectly lead to greater amounts of crime in the society, as these people will also need to survive anyhow.

Loss In Terms Of Driving Skills: Another major important negative impact that driverless technology can have on the human beings are the various skills that requires a person to drive in the right manner. With more and more reliance on Artificial Intelligence and less on self skills, human beings will turn out to be less experienced drivers, and maybe even forget too. There will be no usage of driving licences and driving will only be restricted to race tracks only.

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It can be easily said that the pros of the self-driving cars far outweigh the cons, as can be seen above. The pros or benefits poised by the self-driving cars will definitely be helpful in changing the environment and society for the better. The cons however can take some time for getting used to, but let’s face it, it is more easier to overcome them and there are bigger issues at hand that needs to be fixed.

There is no denying that self-driving cars will eventually take over our lives and help us live more effortlessly. Only thing that matters is when the time when that will start to happen.

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