Tesla Model X Specs, Features, Price And Release Date

Ever heard of a 287,000 pound Boeing 787-8 being towed for nearly 1000 feet by an SUV? That very SUV was the Tesla Model X – holder of Guinness Book Of World Records for “Heaviest Tow By An Electric Production Passenger Vehicle” as on date May 15th, 2018. This is how legendary Tesla has made it’s Model X SUV. The Model X is built on the contents of the Model S. It was earlier planned to use 60 percent of the contents of the Model S, but after production, it actually used just 30 percent and made the vehicle 10 percent heavier than the Model S.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

The sale of the Tesla Model X started selling on September 29th of 2015, and as of December 2017, Tesla has sold about 72,059 units of the Model X. But what makes this Tesla Model X stand out so much? Let’s check it out.

Tesla Model X Engine And Specifications 

There are mostly three popular variants of the Model X – the 75D, 100D and the P100D. The 75D derives its name from its 75 kWh battery pack. The 100D as well as the P100D shares the same battery capacity of 100 kWh. The P100D also gets the Performance motor, that makes it one of the quickest and fastest crossovers in the world car market right now. But due to it’s largely bigger body, the performance falls a bit short to the Model S.

The 75D can reach 0 to 100 KM in just 4.9 seconds. It can also do a top speed of 209 KMPH. The driving range is however 417 KMs. Coming to the 100D, it can do 0 to 100 KMPH in just 4.7 seconds. The top speed and the driving distance on a single charge are 250 KMPH and 565 KMs respectively. The P100D though can reach 0 to 100 KMPH in just 2.9 seconds, which is just blazing fast for a car of this size. The top speed is same as 100D at 250 KMPH, and it has a driving distance of 541 KMs.

Tesla Model X Interior, Exterior and Features

When it comes to the exterior of the Model X, it sure does do a pretty unique job. The exterior is not at all a box-shaped, but more like the pumped up version of the Model S. There will be two wheel options – 20 and 22 inches. It comes with those stunning falcon wing rear doors and an overall taller structure. The front doors opening and closing is again old fashioned though.

Tesla Model X Interior

Tesla Model X Interior

On the interiors, it comes with a huge 17-inch touchscreen front panel on the centre console. The cabin is very much similar to that of the Model S. The standard Model X comes with a 5 seater, and it can be increased to 6 or 7 seaters for an extra price. The Model X has two dedicated laces for cargo, and thus definitely will carry more luggage than the Model S.

Coming to some more extra features offered by the Model X, they are – engine immobilizer, rear parking camera with sensors, automatic lock doors, airbags, as usual, anti-locking braking system and daytime running lamps as well.

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Tesla Model X Variants

Between the 75D, 100D and P100D variants, the features are almost the same. All three comes with advanced Autopilot feature and Pirelli 20 inch winter tyres as optional extras. There are 4 years and 8-year warranties available on all 3 variants. The 75D and 100D have same standard features with an optional premium extra features. The P100D comes with additional standard features like heated front seats, heated steering wheel, etc. The P100D is definitely the most premium and costlier car here.

Tesla Model X Price

The pricing for the Model X variants are as follows :

  • 75D comes at $77,100
  • 100D comes at $93,600
  • P100D comes at $128,300

Tesla Model X Release Date

The Model X is already available to order from the guys at Tesla directly. So, without further ado, just head over to Tesla’s website and buy yourself a Model x right away.

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There’s no doubt that the Model X is seriously the best all-electric SUV you’ll ever drive – unless you have a serious love for SUVs that run on petrol or diesel. The car is packed with features to the brim, and the price charged by Tesla honestly feels like too good to be true type of feeling. From style to the substance to performance to eco-friendliness – the Model X has it all.

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