Tesla Model Y Specs, Features, Price And Release Date

Elon Musk started his dream of making electric cars and make Tesla profitable, 13 years before. At that time, the car industry gave a bit of laugh to his idea. But now, those same car companies are poised to go off the business if they don’t accept the electric car revolution. Tesla makes $2.79 billion in total revenue, which shows that the world is ready to take the next step forward.

The Model Y will be the first compact SUV from Tesla, competing with the likes of Toyota RAV4 and Ford Escape. The Model Y will be built off the same chassis of the Model 3. This will be interesting because Tesla already has an SUV in the form of  Tesla Model X. So, if Elon Musk is pulling the strings of the Tesla Model Y in collaboration with the Tesla Model 3, then it can be said that he is aiming the Model Y at the same customer base as the Model 3.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Engine And Specifications

Since, the Model Y will be built on the same grounds as Model 3, expect the same overall output. The car will be a rear wheel drive with an engine producing 250 BHP of power and 320 pound-feet of torque. The car will also have a 3 phase, 6 pole units. There will be two variants when it will come to the battery. A smaller 50/60 kWh and a bigger 75/90/100 kWh. The bigger battery powered one can go 350 miles in a single charge. The smaller is expected to have 250-mile driving range.

The car is expected to go from 0 to 62 miles in just less than 3 seconds. It will come with both two wheel and four wheel drive options for the end consumer.

Tesla Model Y Interior, Exterior and Features

The Model Y is expected to bring almost all the design cues of the Model X SUV into its styling, except the gorgeous ‘falcon wing’ doors. It will have a similar looking front sharp Tesla grille with the same headlights as on the Model X. There will be a large set of alloy wheels along with tyres that will be low profile too.

Tesla Model Y interior

Tesla Model Y interior


Coming to the interiors, as usual with all Tesla cars, there will be giant touchscreen in the front of the centre console. The cabin will mostly be very simple, clean looking and clutter free as well. But the quality of materials can be destined to match the quality of it’s bigger siblings. There will be sufficient head and leg room as usual and will have a large boot space to work with as well.

Next up is features, and that is something Tesla will not be short at. But what makes this car more exciting is it’s the whole emphasis on the autonomous driving system. The car will be fitted with more cameras than the Model S or X. It will have a forward radar, along with 12 sonar like sensors. It’s processing unit is expected to be 40 times more than that of Model S.

Tesla Model Y Price

The price of Tesla Model Y will be similar to that of Model 3, with an expected price starting price of $40,000.

Tesla Model Y Release Date

The expected release date of the Model Y, as quoted by CEO Elon Musk, will be by late 2019. The Model Y was expected to go on sale in 2018, but the introduction of Model 3 and various other production problems pushed it to 2019.

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The Tesla Model Y seems like the coming together of every step taken by the company since its inception. The car will be affordable, will have great power to boot, will have all the features that a customer need and finally the continuing tradition of a better version of Tesla’s Autonomous Driving System. Tesla is really bringing their A-game with this car, and it can be said that CEO Elon Musk has learned from all the previous mistakes Tesla did.

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